Virtual Tour
The Yamagata Prefectural Museum collects a broad range of materials on the realms of nature and humanity from around Yamagata Prefecture, preserving them, doing investigative research with them, and displaying them. This Virtual Tour is an attempt to reproduce the display space on the web.
Taken from 12 points in the galleries, you can manipulate the scenes to look up and down, rotate them, and zoom in and out, giving you 360 degree panoramic views of the display spaces.

Please click the red button at the point you want to see!

Museum 2nd floor

The 2nd Floor of the Museum
Origins of YamagataOrigins of YamagataForest ScienceWorld of PlantsWorld of Insects and World of Wild BirdsWarm Ocean Currents and Snow in Yamagata and World of Wild BirdsDawn of YamagataDawn of Yamagata and Expansion into Dewa ProvinceInfluence of the Bushi Class and Feudal Administration and Life of the Common PeopleFeudal Administration and Life of the Common People and The Bustle of the Mogami RiverWorshippers' Roads to the Three Sacred Mountains and The Life and Heart of Raising RiceThe Life and Heart of Raising Rice
●To shift the scene up/down/right/left, 
 please drag the mouse in the desired direction.  Image:Mouse
●To zoom, 
 To zoom in push the + key on the numeric keypad. 
To zoom-out push the - key on the numeric keypad. 
Image:Numeric keypad※In case the numeric keypad is not available 
To zoom in: hold down the shift key and push the minus key  
 To zoom out: push the minus key  
To zoom in hold down the shift key and click.
To zoom out hold down the control key and click.
(For Mac machines use the command key )
If the panorama picture does not display, you need to install Java .
Java can be downloaded from here.