For Teachers

▐ Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) Application

  When visiting the Main Museum for school or community center educational / learning activities,  you may apply for an Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption), as explained below. 
 Guide to Completing the Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) form  Guide to Completing  the Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) form 16.3 kB A4 size
 Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) Form Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) Form13.5 kB A4 size
Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) Form39.5 kB A4 size
 Example of  Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) Form Example of Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) Form52.6 kB A4 size

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▐ To Schools Visiting the Museum

On Entering / Leaving the Museum

 Please gather in front of the Museum's entrance (or inside the 1st floor entrance). Before your group enters the Museum we will present a simple orientation session.  

About Interpreters

  If you wish to have an interpreter to guide you while you visit, please contact us about arranging your visit. 

Please Instruct Your Students Before Visiting

  • No loud voices or running around in the Museum.
  • No strobe or flash lighting when taking pictures. (Picture taking is permitted in the permanent exhibition.)
  • No graffiti on the building and exhibits.
  • Replace materials / equipment in the Hands-on Activity Area after using them.

▐ Consultation for Independent Research

 Consultation for independent research at the Museum is always available. Please refer to the section "How to Apply for Consultation" when using the Museum. 

How to Apply for Consultation 
Please write a note including the following items, and apply by calling us at 023-645-111. 
  1. Subject of Consultation 
  2. Date and time when you want to come for consultation  (Mainly Tuesday through Friday between 10:00 - 16:00) 
(Example) "My name is  ○○○○. I am in the ○○ grade at○○ Primary School.
 I am calling to consult with you about my independent research project. I'd like to investigate (the subject  ○○)."

→ We will connect you to a person relevant to your subject. Together we will decide on the date and time for your consultation. 

→ Please come to the Museum at the agreed upon time. You will enjoy learning while doing research with our experts on the subject. 

▐ "Traveling Museum"

 The Yamagata Prefectural Musem cooperates with schools and lifelong learning courses, etc. and can send its curators to  classes or lectures. Our curators in the fields of nature and liberal arts bring part of our collections to schools or courses for display and explanation, and can help you organize your coursework. Please contact us at the numbers below. 
Please understand in advance that there may be times when we are not able to cooperate, due to circumstances at the Museum.  

 1-8 Kajo-machi, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata-ken 
 c/o Yamagata Prefectural Museum's "Traveling Museum" 
 Tel. 023-645-1111        FAX  023-645-1112 

▐ Kids Corner

  Our website has a "Kids Corner" for elementary school children, to help them learn before and after visiting the Museum and with their study at home. Additional study material is available at the link to "Echo Net (Yamabiko Net)" of the Japan Museum Association. Please make good use of it.  

▐ Work Experience

  The Yamagata Prefectural Museum offers work experience in the Museum as part of their educational activities for recommended students who are "junior high school students interested in being curators". Please contact the staff in charge at the phone number / address below. 
 Please understand in advance that there may be times when we are not able to cooperate, due to circumstances at the Museum.  

1-8 Kajo-machi, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata-ken 990-0826  
c/o Yamagata Prefectural Museum's "Work Experience" 
Tel. 023-645-1111        FAX  023-645-1112