For Our General Visitors

▐ Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) Application

 When visiting the Main Museum for school or community center educational / learning activities, there is an Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) for which you may submit an application, as explained below.

 Guide to fill in the Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) form   Guide to fill in the Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) form 16. 3kB A4 size
Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) FormEntrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) Form13. 5kB A4 size
Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) Form39. 5kB A4 size
Example of Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) FormExample of Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) Form52. 6kB A4 size
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▐ To Groups Visiting the Museum

Entrance Fees

  The Entrance Fee is half off for each person in a group of more than 20 people. 

About Interpreters

  Please contact us in advance if you wish to have an interpreter to guide you during your visit. 

▐ Using our Museum

  Please have a look at  Using our Museum for information.  

▐ Taking Pictures 

 Taking pictures of the permanent exhibition is permitted. However, use of a strobe light or any flash lights is not permitted. We appreciate your cooperation. 
 Please note that you are asked to submit an application form to take pictures of the materials stored in the Museum. Please follow the procedure described in 
Introduction to the Use of Materials in the Museum .

▐ Consultation at the Museum 

 We accept requests for consultations any time. Please call the Museum at 023-645-111 to set an appointment time with the staff person in charge, and then come visit us. 
 Please understand in advance that there are cases when, depending on the subject, we may not be able to offer you a consultation.