Facility Guide

 The Main Museum, located in Kajo Park, Yamagata City,  exhibits the nature and culture of Yamagata Prefecture as a whole in six categories: Earth Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Archaeology, History and Folklore.

Facility Guide Map

▐ Permanent Exhibition Galleries

Gallery 1 The Blessings of Abundant Nature

 Through themes like "Origins of Yamagata", "Forest Science", "Warm Ocean Currents and Yamagata's Snow",  we introduce the changes in and characteristics of nature in Yamagata.

Gallery 2 Yamagata's History Engraved in its Land

 Starting with "The Dawn of Yamagata" to "The Life and Heart of Raising Rice," we introduce the life and culture of farmers, warriors (the Bushi class), and merchants.

Gallery 3 The Modernization of Yamagata and How Life Changed

 With displays like "Life Around Town" and  "Yamagata's Folk Toys" we show how culture at the time of Yamagata's modernization connects with the present.