Open Hours / Days Closed

▐  Hours Open

   9:00 - 16:30(admission until 16:00)
  ※During the Hanagasa Festival open hours are extended by an hour
    9:00 - 17:30 (admission until 17:00)

▐  Days Closed

Yamagata Prefectural Museum 
(Main building)

Educational Resources Museum 
(Branch building)

  • Closed on Mondays (When a holiday falls on Monday, the Museum will be closed the next day.)
  • Year-end / New Year Holidays (Dec. 28 -Jan. 4)
  • Maintenance Day (Aug. 30)
 ※ Open during "Golden Week" in May and Obon Holiday in August).
  • Every Monday
  • Holidays
  • Year-end / New Year  Holidays 
    (Dec. 28 - Jan. 4)
 ※ Open during "Golden Week" in May.
There may be other times when the museum is closed. Please check the Yearly Calendar of Days Open for details.

▐ Affiliated Nature Study Park

  • No set open hours or closed days. 
  • In winter, because of the dangers of heavy snowfall, please don't enter the park.
  • Collecting animals or plants is prohibited. Activity is restricted to observing nature only.