Friends of the Museum

Join us at the Museum's Tomo-no-kai  "Circle of Friends"

 The Museum's "Circle of Friends" Tomo-no-kai was established in May, 2008 to promote exchanges between members, as well as to support Museum projects and to contribute to the development of regional culture.

▐ Main Activities

  • Learning and exchange between members (lectures, study meetings, publishing newsletters, etc.)
  • Joint exhibition with the Museum
  • Cooperation with the Museum (educational activities, ongoing investigation of collection materials, help with exhibitions and public relations activities)
  • Contribution to the region ( through publications and sales)
Photograph:Lectures hosted by the Circle of Friends 'Tomo-no-kai'Photograph:Joint Special ExhibitionsPhotograph:Commentary meetings on exhibitions
 Lectures hosted by the "Circle of Friends" Tomo-no-kaiJoint Special ExhibitionsCommentary meetings on exhibitions

▐ Benefits of Membership 

  • Delivery of Bulletins (about one issue every 3 months)
  • We will send you notification of events held by the Circle of Friends, and of events at the Museum, etc.
  • Members' special discounted prices on Circle of Friends' publications.
  • Free admission with your membership card (except for group membership)

▐ Membership Type (Annual Dues)

Membership TypeRegistered on Sept. 30 or beforeRegistered on Oct. 1 or afterward
Group Membership2000 yen
Individual Membership1000 yen500 yen
Family Membership600 yen/person300 yen/person
※ Valid from the day registered through March 31 of the same fiscal year. 
※  All family members need to have the same address. 
    Three members of a family to be registered :1 individual member + 2 family members→
    Total of membership dues for a year is 2200 yen. 

▐ How to Join 

 To join, please pay your membership dues to the postal transfer account shown below. To make your payment, please use the blue postal payment form at a post office. Please pay the handling fee. Your membership card will be sent after we confirm payment of your dues. Please note that this could take up to a month. Please keep your receipt  until payment is confirmed.
<Account for Membership Dues Payment> 
Account number 02220-5-86300 
 Name "Yamagata-kenritsu-hakubutsukan Tomo-no-kai" 

  • "New Registration to the Circle of Friends (Tomo-no-kai)"
  • Membership type (either Group, Individual or Family)
  • Name or Group name (For a family membership, please list the names of all of the family members.)
  • Gender and age (list the gender and age of all of the family members)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • We do not share the information obtained above or use it for any other activities than the Circle of Friends Tomo-no-kai.
  • All memberships end on March 31 even if you join sometime after the beginning of the fiscal year.

▐ Contact  Us:

1-8 Kajo-machi, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata-ken 990-0826 
 c/o Yamagata Prefectural Museum's  Circle of Friends (Tomo-no-kai)" 
Tel. 023-645-1111   FAX 023-645-1112