Consulting with the Museum

▐ Consultation Corner

 We can help you find answers to your questions about the Museum's resources and Yamagata's nature and history at our Consultation Corner. Please feel free to come and bring your questions. Catalogues, journals and such published by the Museum are available for you to browse freely.

▐ To General Visitors

 We accept requests for consultations any time. Please call the Museum at 023-645-1111 to set an appointment time with the staff person in charge, and then come visit us. 
 Please understand in advance that there are cases when, depending on the subject, we may not be able to offer consultation.  

▐ To Children and Students

How to Apply for Consultation 
Please write a note incuding the following items, and apply by calling us at 023-645-1111. 
  1. Subject of Consultation 
  2.  Date and time when you want to come for consultation  (Mainly Tuesday through Friday between 10:00~16:00) 
(Example) "My name is  ○○○○. I am in the ○○ grade at○○ Primary School." 
 "I am calling to consult with you about my independent research project. I'd like to investigate (the subject  ○○). 

→ We will connect you to a person relevant to your subject. Together we will decide on the date and time for your consulation. 

→ Please come to the Museum at the agreed upon time. You will enjoy learning while doing research with our experts on the subject.