Introduction to the Museum

▐ Greetings from the Museum Director

    Thank you for visiting the website of the Yamagata Prefectural Museum.


  On March 24,2010, we launched our renewed website. It now has much richer contents and a friendlier interface than before, which we take pride in. We plan to keep improving the contents and the site's ease of use in response to your requests.


  Our Museum was envisioned as a facility to conserve and display the huge amount of material collected by the Yamagata Society for Interdisciplinary Science, and opened in April, 1971 as one of the Meiji Centennial projects. Since then, we have opened the Affiliated Park for Nature Studies and the Educational Resources Museum (Kyōiku Shiryōkan) branch building, and we continue working together as an integrated museum with seven departments such as earth science, botany, zoology, archaeology, history, folklore and history of education. 


  The Museum continues to play a key role as an information center for nature, history and culture in Yamagata Prefecture. We will work on making the Museum a friendly one which is liked more than ever before by many people not just in Yamagata but also outside the prefecture, as it provides a central base for social education with places and opportunities for lifelong study and various exchange programs.


  Encouraged by letters from elementary school students who wrote after visiting: "I got excited and thrilled before I even got there", "There's lot of interesting stuff there", "Amazing museum!", "Number one museum!", "I definitely want to visit again", we will work as a team, combining our wisdom, and using our best devices to make this place the very best we can. 


  Please visit us with your family and friends.


Hitoshi Sagai, Head of the Yamagata Prefectural Museum