Admission Fees / Free Days

▐ Admission Fees 

ClassificationMain BuildingBranch Building (Kyōiku Shiryōkan) Education Resources Museum
Adults  ¥300¥150¥150¥70

※ The entrance fee is waived in the following situations.
  • Elementary, Middle and High School students and their leaders (when entrance is part of an educational activity).
    →Please submit the Entrance Fee Reduction (Exemption) form.
  • Elementary, Middle and High School students (individual admission).
    →Please ask the receptionist. 
  • Disabled person and one attendant 
    →Please show identification for physically disabled persons, or for raising disabled children, or a welfare identification card for mentally disabled persons. 
  • General public (visiting as part of continuing education, etc.Please contact us by phone )  
      → Please submit the application form for Museum admission fee reductions (exemptions). 

▐ Free Admission Days

Main Museum / Branch Building Education Resources Building (Kyōiku Shiryōkan) Admission is free on the following special open days. 
  • Children's day 
    May 5 

  • Tohoku Culture Day 
    October 28, 29

  •  Culture Day 
     November 3
※ Any other free admission days will be announced on the Museum's web site.