Permanent Exhibition

 At the Yamagata Prefectural Main Buildging, you can enjoy many  permanent exhibits from our  collection, classified along various themes.

Through themes like "Origins of Yamagata", "Forest Science", "Warm Ocean Currents and Yamagata's Snow",  we introduce the changes in and characteristics of nature in Yamagata.
Starting with "The Dawn of Yamagata" to "The Life and Heart of Raising Rice", we introduce the life and culture of farmers, warriors (the Bushi class), and merchants.
With displays like "Life Around Town" and  "Yamagata's Folk Toys", we show how culture during the time of Yamagata's modernization connects with the present.
We aim to broadly introduce actual specimens of rocks, minerals and fossils, especially as they appear in text and illustrated reference books.
This is the place to deepen your understanding of the material at the museum through the experience of actually handling real samples and specimens.