Personal Information Protection Policy

The Yamagata Prefectural Museum (hereinafter called the Museum) recognizes the importance of your personal information, handles it with appropriate care, and responsibly protects your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

 This policy is established in order to appropriately administer and thoroughly protect your personal information (hereinafter called personal information)  which may be collected through the web site and other internet access such as email. The Museum recognizes the importance of protecting personal information.

■Personal Information Protection Policy 
While administrating its web sites in the internet society and providing ever-increasing creative services, the Museum considers it an important duty to make trustworthiness a priority in its policies, to correctly handle personal information, and to maintain the confidentiality of visitors to its site.  
 The Museum establishes this Personal Information Protection Policy for its users, and executes it as follows.

■ Definition of Personal Information
 In this site, Personal Information is defined as "information enabling the specification or identification of an individual." Statistical information by which an individual can not be identified is not regarded as personal information. Details of how we handle statistical information is available below. 

■Collecting Personal Information 
 When personal information will be collected through this site, this is clearly indicated in advance and is limited to collecting necessary data only.
 If you do not want to provide personal information to this site,  you can freely decide not to do so. However, in that case, you may not be able to use services on this site which require personal information. 
 Please note that this site records access information in an access-log. This site automatically receives information from your browser such as your IP address, cookie data and pages viewed on and through this site, and stores that information on a server. The access-log includes information like the IP address, browser type, access date, etc., but does not include information identifying individual visitors to the site.
 This information is obtained to perform statistical analysis relating to maintainance, administration or usage of this web site, and to improve and customize web site content. It is not used for any other purposes than stated above. 

■Use of Personal Information 
  Information obtained is used only for the purposes disclosed to the person providing it. If there is any necessity to use your personal information beyond the said purposes, the Museum will inform you in advance of the purpose for such use. So informed,  you can judge and decline that use if it is not acceptable to you.  

■Non-disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties 
 Personal information provided by you on this site is not disclosed, given or lent to any third parties. However, the said non-disclosure terms do not apply if any of the following conditions are true: 
・ if you agree to disclose the information 
・ If  an emergency occurs which necessitates disclosure because of  imminent danger to a person's life, body or property.
・ if disclosure is required by laws and regulations 

■Proper Acquisition of Personal Information  
 In this site, the Museum acquires personal information properly, not by deceit or other dishonest means. 

■Inquiry, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information 
 Please submit the contact form for inquiries about your personal information or to correct / delete incorrect personal information.  

■Administrator and Contact 
 This site has an administrator and provides contact information for inquiries. Please submit a contact form with your opinions or any inquiries relating to this "Personal Information Protection Policy".

※ This site is not responsible for the privacy information policies or relevant content in sites linked from this site or on sites that link to this site.